Community Action Plan

UPDATE: Community survey final completion date extended to the 10th October 2021. Please ignore date of 26th September 2021 given on survey form, should you download it. The form will be corrected shortly.

Our attention has also been drawn to an issue with the online survey form. Residents attempting to complete the survey on a device already used by another resident to complete the survey were being denied access. This issue has been corrected, and anyone filling in the survey online should not longer encounter this issue.

SDC has engaged consultants, Impact Hub Inverness, to conduct a Community Action Plan (CAP) for Strathnairn. SDC is grateful to SCBF for funding this project.

A CAP is a framework for implementing activities that are decided by the community itself. This is a great opportunity to have a say on ideas for improving life in Strathnairn. What do you think would make this a better place to live and work and enhance your experience of community life? The action plan developed by the community, with help from the consultants, will identify challenges, seek solutions and give us direction for future projects that will help our community, now and in the future.

Many adjacent communities have CAPs, and a few are planning their third CAP. However, our CAP will be Strathnairn’s first. Our CAP will cover the next 10 years, and be reviewed annually. When completed, in October 2021, the CAP will be a public document.

Community Survey

A CAP is an expression of how a community wishes to develop, and a critical component is a survey of the community, led by the community. With the help of an Advisory Panel formed from Strathnairn’s community groups, IHI has created a community survey for completion by all residents, aged 11 years upwards. Responses to the survey will be sent to the consultants, who with the help of the Advisory Panel will use them to prepare the CAP.

The community survey can be completed online, and SDC would encourage all eligible residents to complete the survey in this way. Alternatively, a copy of the community survey can be downloaded from SDC’s website. A copy of the survey has also been included with the August edition of the newsletter, with the hope we can reach many people and get a great response. There is advice on completing your survey form given in the preamble of the survey, and more information is provided on this website.

Our CAP is an opportunity for you to have a say in our community’s future development. Please make your voices heard. This is your chance to say what you think is needed to make living in Strathnairn better for you, your family and future generations.

After The Survey

The consultants will spend a few weeks processing the responses, and from this derive a draft CAP for discussion with the Advisory Panel. SDC will hold some community meetings to discuss ideas where possible. These meetings will obviously be subject to any COVID restrictions that may be in force. Information on when these meetings are to be held will be provided on social media and noticeboards across the community.

Following feedback, the consultants will then prepare the finalised CAP.

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